8 Hot Tub Exercises for a Perfect Workout!

8 Hot Tub Exercises for a Perfect Workout! The gym isn’t the only place you can workout - Hot tubs are actually a great area to build muscle, strength and endurance. Why? Well, there are a few reasons: The buoyancy of the water unloads your joints, making any activity a low-impact one. The [...]

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6 Awesome Hot Tub Yoga Poses

6 Awesome Hot Tub Yoga Poses Yoga helps relieve tight muscles due to stress, dehydration and overuse. Not to mention, it helps us to calm our mind and slow our breathing, ultimately leading to a calmer self. And who couldn’t use a little more relaxation these days? And did you know? Yoga in water [...]

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Hot Tub Maintenance Guide

Stepping into the world of hot tub ownership is an exciting prospect. But perhaps the thought of maintaining your hot tub is rather daunting. You don’t want to spend all your time cleaning it and have no time left to use it! In this guide, we’ll look at simple steps you can take to [...]

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Common Used Hot Tub Questions Answered

Dreaming of relaxing in a hot, steamy hot tub of your own, but don’t want to pay thousands for it? Maybe you’re considering purchasing a used hot tub. There is no shortage of second-hand tubs to choose from. But with so much choice, it can be overwhelming to the first-time buyer. In this [...]

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What to Look for When You Buy a Used Hot Tub

Being able to take advantage of all of the benefits that a hot tub has to offer is one of the top reasons that so many seek to invest in one. The downside to purchasing a brand new hot tub is that it can cost thousands of dollars, which is precisely why so many [...]

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