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6 Awesome Hot Tub Yoga Poses

Yoga helps relieve tight muscles due to stress, dehydration and overuse. Not to mention, it helps us to calm our mind and slow our breathing, ultimately leading to a calmer self. And who couldn’t use a little more relaxation these days?

And did you know? Yoga in water is low impact, not to mention it just feels good! A big part of that is because practicing yoga in water takes the load off your joints, due to the buoyancy of the water. So poses that might be hard on your body on land, are much more gentle when under water.

But there’s no need to sign up with a pricey yoga studio. We’ve got 6 easy yoga poses for you to practice, all in the comfort of your hot tub! Spoiler Alert: No yoga mat needed.

hot tub yoga backbend

Gentle Backbend: Stand in your hot tub, placing both hands on your back, breathing gently and bending back slightly. For a more challenging pose, you can place your hands over head, bending backwards. Backbends open up the chest and shoulders, while also giving a nice stretch to those hip flexors! Which we all probably need from sitting.

hot tub yoga side stretch

Side Stretch: This can be done either sitting or standing. Raise your arms overhead, interlocking your fingers. Slowly bend from left to right, holding the stretch for several seconds on each side.

hot tub yoga chair pose

Chair Pose: This pose will get your blood flowing and legs burning! While standing, reach your arms up over your head, then lean back onto your heels as if sitting in a chair. Hold this pose for a few breaths. The benefits of chair pose include strengthening your legs, back, shoulders, and core.

hot tub yoga tree pose

Tree Pose: Stand in your hot tub, placing your palms together at your chest. Slowly lift your left foot up to right leg, resting the foot at the inside of your right knee or thigh. Take a few slow breaths. Switch legs. This is a great pose for balance, literally and figuratively!

hot tub yoga boat pose

Boat Pose: If you want a challenging pose that builds core strength, this is the one for you. While sitting in your hot tub, lean back slightly and extend the legs straight so that you are forming a V shape with your body. Make sure to flex your feet upwards and keep your back straight. You can also use a pool noodle to help support your back. Stretch your arms out next to your legs.

hot tub yoga svasana

Savasana: Pronounced “shavasana,” the literal translation means “Corpse Pose.” Since we’re in water, this is a slight variation to the pose, but don’t worry, you can still reap its benefits. Sit back and relax in your hot tub, getting into a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Find your breath, inhaling and exhaling at even tones. Spend a few minutes feeling your breath melting with the warm water surrounding you. Note: Some find it helpful to set a timer for a few minutes to help with the meditation. Don’t let the name of this one fool you, some consider this to be the most difficult yoga pose!

Always listen to your body during yoga exercises and remember to breathe!

6 Awesome Hot Tub Yoga Poses

Breathing While Practice Yoga – Why?

Regardless of where you’re practicing yoga, the most important aspect is your breath. Your breath promotes a calming force between your mind and body. It is even believed that you are not practicing yoga unless you are engaged with your breath.

Breathing is “mind training that uses the breath as a vehicle,” as stated in Yoga Journal. So while all of the above mentioned yoga poses are great, it truly helps to engage your breathing while practicing them.

Now you can continue on with your calmer mind and calmer self, floating on through your week!

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