Hot Tub Maintenance Guide

Stepping into the world of hot tub ownership is an exciting prospect. But perhaps the thought of maintaining your hot tub is rather daunting. You don’t want to spend all your time cleaning it and have no time left to use it! In this guide, we’ll look at simple steps you can take to ensure your hot tub runs smoothly without demanding too much attention.

The Key to a Clean Hot Tub

The secret to keeping your hot tub clean and running well is regular care. A bit of attention little and often will prevent problems building up. It also gives you the opportunity to spot potential faults before they become big issues. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly checks ensure your hot tub will stay healthy for years to come.

Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions

This is a general guide that applies to most modern hot tubs, but each make and model will have specific requirements. We always recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions for your hot tub to ensure it is maintained appropriately.

Daily Checks

Carrying out these simple checks every day won’t take you long, and will keep your hot tub ticking over smoothly.

  • Check the cover. The hot tub cover should be clean and securely fitted. A loose cover will let heat, water and chemicals out, and allow unwanted debris or animals in.
  • Check for damage. In normal conditions and with careful use, a hot tub shouldn’t get damaged. But exposure to extreme weather could cause damage, so keep an eye out for any problems.
  • Check water temperature. A sudden drop or rise in water temperature could be due to a serious fault, so monitor daily.

Weekly Checks

When carrying out weekly checks, don’t forget to keep a record of the results. It gives you a useful guide to help you monitor your hot tub’s health.

  • Test the water.A healthy hot tub requires a careful balance of chemicals. Over time, these essential water additives break down and will need changing. Maintaining the right ratio of chemicals will help water clarity and odor. Check the pH and sanitizer levels in your hot tub and adjust as required at least once a week.
  • Sanitize your hot tub. No-one wants to hop into smelly or cloudy water. Using a sanitizer will prevent unwanted bacteria building up and contaminating the water.
  • Remove debris. A skimmer net is a useful tool to remove floating debris such as leaves. Wipe around the waterline to take away any scum or contaminates.
  • Clean the cover. Mildew and mold can form on the cover as it is constantly exposed to moisture and heat. Specially formulated products are available to keep your cover clean and fresh.
  • Clean the filter. Remove the filter and rinse out with water. A clean filter is vital in fighting against bacteria and bad smells.

Monthly Checks

Hot tub jets and filters require individual attention once a month.

  • Deep clean the filter. Using a chemical rinse for your filter once a month removes the more stubborn articles that water can’t.
  • Check the jets. Calcium build-up and air in the system can cause jets to under-perform. Addressing these problems monthly will ensure your jets don’t block up or get damaged.

Quarterly Checks

Every three or four months, your hot tub will require some extra TLC.

  • Drain and clean the hot tub. A full drain-down gives you the opportunity to spot any areas that need attention. It also gives you a fresh start, removing any build-ups of chemicals or bacteria. Clean all surfaces with an appropriate hot tub cleaner. Avoid using general household cleaning products as they can introduce unwanted chemicals and leave harmful residues.
  • Soak the filter. A chemical soak will thoroughly clean the filter between its monthly chemical rinse.
  • Use line flush. Bacteria and biofilm build up inside the lines. Whilst the hot tub is empty it is the perfect opportunity to flush out the lines.

Yearly Checks

Once a year, schedule some time to carry out a full check of your hot tub.

  • Check wiring. Use this time to check for any damage to wiring and replace as necessary.
  • Get a professional to do a service. A qualified hot tub engineer will pick up on any problems that might go unnoticed by the untrained eye. Just like running a car, having an expert carry out a full service gives you peace of mind for the coming months.

Prevention is Better than Cure

This certainly applies to hot tub maintenance. Letting problems go by unchecked can be disastrous, or at very least prove costly down the line.

Following a schedule that includes the above checks will help maintain the right balance in the hot tub water. Getting the chemical balance right makes for a clean hot tub that you can enjoy, safe in the knowledge that everything is doing its job properly.

A good tip is to design your own schedule or calendar for your hot tub maintenance plan. Allocate specific days and times for carrying out the necessary checks. Having a good routine will help you keep on top of maintenance and you’ll be quicker to spot potential problems.

Cleaning Equipment

Build up your own collection of specific hot tub cleaning products. As mentioned earlier, general household cleaning products aren’t recommended for use in a hot tub. With a bit of research, you’ll be able to select products that make your life easier. Different sprays, liquids, cloths etc are available for all the cleaning jobs involved in looking after your hot tub. Having a good selection of these products on hand will make cleaning jobs quick and easy.

General Care

Other things to bear in mind when caring for your hot tub include the immediate area around it. Keeping the floor clean and tidy will prevent debris being brought into the hot tub by users. Ensuring plants and trees are at a reasonable distance from the hot tub will also cut down on the amount of detritus that enters the water.

Some people like to shower before entering the hot tub. This removes oils, hair products and contaminants that could affect the water quality. The less dirt and bacteria you bring into the hot tub, the easier it is to maintain the balance of cleanliness.

Major Repair Jobs

Whilst carrying out regular maintenance, you will from time to time come across the need for more in-depth repairs, especially on older hot tubs. If you feel these jobs are above your knowledge and ability, it is advisable to call in a professional. Attempting a repair yourself could result in more damage and expense.

Maintain and Enjoy

A well cared for hot tub is a delight to use and own. It’s the perfect place to relax and unwind with family and friends. By following these steps for regular maintenance, you will take the stress out of owning and maintaining a hot tub. You will have the satisfaction of knowing your hot tub is running at its best and is healthy for all to use. You can be guaranteed a clean hot tub that is ready for your enjoyment at any time.

If you would like any further advice about owning a used hot tub, please contact Used Hot Tubs Arizona. We will be happy to assist you.