What to Look for When You Buy a Used Hot Tub

Being able to take advantage of all of the benefits that a hot tub has to offer is one of the top reasons that so many seek to invest in one. The downside to purchasing a brand new hot tub is that it can cost thousands of dollars, which is precisely why so many people are weighing out their options and searching for used ones. However, when it comes down to buying a used hot tub, making a bad choice could ultimately mean that you may find yourself making a ton of repairs that could be the equivalent of what you would have paid just buying new. This guide will show you what to look for when buying a used hot tub.

The good news, however, is that there are a ton of great options for successfully purchasing a used hot tub, but, the key is to know exactly what to look for. When you begin your search for a used hot tub, before making your purchase, here are some tips that you are going to want to keep a look out for prior to making such an investment.

Go See It
If you have found a great deal on a hot tub and are wanting to go take a look at it, be sure to set up the option of seeing it filled up and working. This will allow you the opportunity to see if the entire hot tub is in good working condition. Whereas to the contrary, if the hot tub has already been emptied and is turned off, you will only be able to inspect the damage of the hot tub on a visual level. When the hot tub is on and working, be sure to keep a look out for anything that appears out of the norm, such as strange noises. A healthy, good working hot tub will make a low humming sound. If anything sounds off, you should take it as a warning sound that there may be issues, such as the pump going out, which can be a pretty costly replacement.

Examine the Cartridge Filter
If you aren’t quite familiar with the inner mechanics of the hot tub that you are considering purchasing, be sure to ask the owner to show you the cartridge filter. As you are inspecting it, be sure that it isn’t worn out or torn. If it is, it will have to be replaced immediately. While they aren’t really too pricey, this is a great way to see just how well cared for (or lack thereof) the hot tub was by its previous owner.

Inspect the Thermostat
Be sure to check out the thermostat as well. If the thermostat isn’t functioning properly, the hot tub can be unsafe as you won’t be able to properly narrow down just hot hot the water is before you get in. Most hot tubs should be kept at temperatures of between 100-104 degrees Fahrenheit, but if the water gets hotter than you you can risk some pretty severe burns. To the contrary, if the water temperatures drop below that, you may need to purchase a new heater for it, which again, can become quite a costly fix.

Check for Leaks
Leaky hot tubs can definitely put a damper on your hot tub enjoyment. Be sure to always carefully inspect all of the seals of the hot tub while it’s running to see if you need to replace any of them.
This is also a good time to take a look in the cabinet underneath of the hot tub to look for any puddles, water leaking or calcium stains on the motor (which is a sure-fire way to tell if it has ever had any leaks to begin with). If you aren’t sure where some of the most important seals are located on the hot tub, ask the owner or do a quick online search of the model that is in question.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Hot Tub from Sunrise Spas

Buying a used hot tub should not be a thing that causes you any apprehension. There are plenty of great, well-working hot tubs available that have been previously used, yet are still in great condition. Be sure to simply put forth a little bit of research before making an ultimate investment and you can be sure to bring home a great hot tub that will serve your family for many years to come! Or come to Sunrise Spas to buy a used hot tub that has gone through our 12 point inspection. All hot tubs have been thoroughly inspected by a trained technician and repaired like new.

12 Point Inspection

  • Heater: checked and replaced if necessary
  • Pump seals: checked for leaks and replaced if necessary
  • Plumbing: checked for glue joint leaks
  • Jets: checked to see if working properly and clean
  • Shell: checked for cracks or blistering
  • Filters: all pre-owned spas come with new filters
  • Structure: we make sure that the spa is structurally sound
  • Cover: pre-owned spas come with a new matching cover
  • Top Side Control: we make sure all buttons work properly
  • Circuit Boards: verified they are working properly and that there are no burnt areas
  • Pillows: replaced if needed
  • Lighting: check all LED lights and/or main light bulbs