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Summer Hot Tub Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

When is the last time you cleaned your hot tub? Like so many things in life, the key to a long-lasting hot tub is taking good care of it. While hot tubs are generally low maintenance, it’s always smart to occasionally tend to them, especially when summer vacation rolls around.

We have a few tips to help you cover basic summer hot tub maintenance.

Clean hot tub water

Drain and Clean

If the last time you cleaned your hot tub was 3 to 4 months ago, then it’s time to give it another round. Why? Because otherwise you’re exposing yourself to bacteria and too many chemicals. Heat fosters bacteria and summers have no shortage of high temperatures.

Before draining, make sure to add a line flush product to the tub. Let is circulate for the amount of time the directions specify – This removes harmful bacteria from your hot tub by, you guessed it, “flushing” it out.

After adding the line flush product, you can drain your hot tub. Make sure everything is turned off and unplugged. While it’s drained, check to ensure nothing is cracked or dirty. (Find something that is? Contact us for next steps.)

Once the tub is completely drained, wipe down the inside with a hot tub cleaner. Then wipe the hot tub down again to remove every last bit of cleaner. (And we mean every last bit, otherwise you’ll end up with a bubble bath.)

Next, fill your hot tub with fresh water, making sure to follow your hot tub’s original instructions. Once it’s filled you can turn the power back on.  After adding the necessary chemicals and setting the temperature between 100 to 104 degrees fahrenheit (or cooler if you prefer for summer temps) cover your hot tub and give it 24 hours to re-heat.

Check Your pH, TA and Calcium Hardness

These chemical levels should match the following:

pH: 7.4 – 7.6

TA: 80ppm

CH: 100ppm

It is definitely a good idea to tend to these chemicals after cleaning your hot tub, as well as periodically throughout the summer months. Because again, heat!

hot tub temperature

Temperature Control

Are the high temperatures making your hot tub a little too hot? We have just the trick to fix this: To keep the water at a cooler, more manageable temperature, leave the hot tub cover over the hot tub during very warm days.

When is it a good idea to have your hot tub covered?

If the sun is out and the hot tub isn’t in use, keep it covered! That way when you do decide to go for a dip with friends and family, the water will be soothing on hot skin.

We recommend a temperature below 98.6 in summer, which is the average body temperature.

Caring for Hot Tub Covers

You’ll probably be using your hot tub cover quite a bit in summer. Make sure to keep the cover clean and like-new by wiping it down regularly to remove any water or debris. Main point: Keep it clean!


Going on vacation?

Summer months are a popular time for some R&R. When leaving for your vacay, remember the big three: Add a little extra chemical to your hot tub to prevent algae growth. Make sure everything is unplugged and powered off. Place your hot tub key in a safe place where others can’t access it.

Now that you know the basics of summer hot tub maintenance, grab your towel, grab your friends and family, and put your hot tub to use!

Have questions? Contact Sunrise Spas! We are more than happy to assist with all your hot tub needs.